What is Squirting ?

What is Squirting ? – An in depth View.


The mystery of female squirting has sparked countless never-ending debates. Is it even real? Doctors and the general public alike, have been asking themselves the very same questions. And, at last, it seems like we may actually have an answer. … Read More

Squirting Women and the People who Love Them

We all Love You !

Colloquially referred to as squirting, female ejaculation is a strange phenomenon. A phenomenon men and women seem to be equally obsessed with. Although human sexuality has been thoroughly researched over the years, squirting remains a bit of a mystery. Is female ejaculation something every woman … Read More

Make a Woman Squirt – This is How

Men are visual creatures. We simply are. That has been scientifically proven, countless times, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even though men have different fetishes and preferences, we all turn our heads when we see a beautiful woman walking down the street. When it comes to sex, however, … Read More